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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easy Access in your Fridge

Thank you FOX Toledo News for a very sexy, sassy and fun title to the latest Rocket Organizing clip. Seriously, who doesn't LOVE easy access ... well, anything?

Many people jump to using a turntable to organize their spice racks, but what about using one in your refrigerator?  You can use them to organize all your favorite items to easily bring them from the back to the front with a simple spin.

OK. Please tell me I'm not the only one reliving the 80s with Dead or Alive's, "You spin me round?"

We digress ... on to the video:

Don't limit the organizing turntable to spices, mustards and mayo.

Think about where else you could put a new "spin" on organizing.
(Oh, I feel so clever)

So, are you still singing?
"You spin me right round baby, like a record ..."
(yeah me too)


  1. I use a large one with a tall lip on the top shelf. Oil, peanut butter, creamer, pickles, whatever fits! I've been doing it for ten years and it's one of the best tips ever!

  2. Monica, you bring up another great thing about using a turntable in the fridge: Containing liquids should there be leakage/drips, making it sooooo much easier to clean the spills. Thank you!