The sassy, sexy fun way to get organized ... Damn, you look sexy today!

Monday, August 22, 2011

What ... Is ... Sexy? ... Kute Knows

This video is EXACTLY what I am striving for myself and for you when I speak of sexy, sassy, fun organizing.

Thank you Kute Blackson for creating this beautiful, thought provoking, and indeed sexy video.

Strive to connect with YOUR source of brightness, being and you will tap into an infinite power source that will give you more sexiness, love and beauty than any materialistic item.

"Real sexy is when you dare to allow your soul to shine,"
Kute Blackson

How do you find your sexy?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Organizing Your Sexy Toys

Oooh, it has been far too long since a new organizing blog post.

Guess summer time = a bit too much fun time.

I hope your summer has had some sexy, sassy fun moments.

Here's a delightful little commercial from IKEA that has been banned for airing on TV, but big thanks go out to the beauty of YouTube, it lives on:

Lesson learned: Sexy toys need to be organized too.

What fun have you had this summer?