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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Organized Can Improve Your Sex Life?

OK.  We are 20 days into this fabulous New Year and the ability to post a new sexy, sassy fun organizing video eludes me.  There is a list about about 30 video ideas listed in a notebook on my desk.

I do want to share my ultimate-favorite-all-time-bestest organizing statistic EVER!!

I am not sure where to start with this,
so let's just jump to the point.

IKEA did a customer survey that found that
31 percent said:

They were more satisfied after cleaning out their closets
than they were with sex.

Is getting organized better than sex?!? ......Really?

I don't know what people are doing (maybe they don't know), but this is a FANTASTIC STAT!


More sassy, sexy fun organizing videos are on their way.

In fact, this little blog has sparked the interest of FOX Toledo.
Beginning on February 4th, we will be featured in a segment entitled "Organized Solutions" every Friday. Now, it's not Rocket Organizing, though the intention is still to have that same sassy, sexy fun attitude about helping you get organized.

....Plus, did I tell you that being organized can make you feel better than sex???
OH, C' and laugh with me!