The sassy, sexy fun way to get organized ... Damn, you look sexy today!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen ... We have an Opening Clip

I have conquered my camera's technology and slowly mastering the video editing world.
Now, there will likely be a bit of a tweek here and there in this open clip, but it is a start.

Now, to get some sexy, sassy and fun videos done.
I've got a list of 15 ones to shoot.

What fun, crazy and quick organizing topics would YOU like to see?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

Good Day to you fellow sassy, sexy organizing enthusiasts!

Perhaps you are not an organizing maniac, with all your forks stacked neatly in your drawers, towels folded in the same direction place ever so gently into your linen closet, papers neatly filed in chronological AND alphabetical order ... heck, I'm a professional organizer here and look at my desk this morning.

Egads ...You think that's bad.  You should see my sock drawer.

Rocket Organizing is about living life to the fullest, enjoying every moment and laughing at goofs we make (and others, too).  It is the reality that should be referred to as LIFE.

When you feel good, you feel happy.
If you feel happy, you get a little sassy.
And, sassy leads to sexy - BAM!

That's right were we want to be - sassy and sexy.
The organizing part will fall into place, as soon as I get my desk cleared.

Hey, videos are on their way!!

I've got our waterproof up to 10ft (3 meters for the world outside the USA) video camera. Yes, we will have underwater organizing.  Why?  Because it's fun!!
... ooh, I sense we need to get to the Caribbean for a video shoot.  Who wants to join me?

mmm mmm mmm ... You look damn sexy today!

Friday, October 1, 2010

This is Going to Shake the Organizing World!

Are you ready for to have some fun?!

We have not asked Rachel Ray, Ellen Degeneres or Lucille Ball their thoughts on being our inspiration, though we feel they are sassy, sexy and downright fun. Exactly what Rocket Organizing is going to be about. Thanks to you vivacious women for being who you are.

Enough of the drama and grossness of getting organized. Yeah, it exists and we will still stop and gawk at car crashes because we are human. The time has come for something different in the organizing entertainment world.

Professional organizers are a mess themselves, their homes are not perfectly organized, in fact, we will be showcasing much of my own organizing faux pas. Along with short fun organizing videos, Q&A interviews and sassy shenanigans from colleagues and cohorts ... likely there will be participation from innocent bystanders, too. 

Our intentions are to have fun.  
Life is too short for anything less.

Are you ready for some reality in the organizing world that YOU can relate to? 

By the way ... you look damn sexy today!