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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can Toilet Paper Make You Sexy?


You are already sexy.  Look at yourself.  DAMN!

"Shake it like a Polaroid picture," my bodacious friend!
(musical reference to OutKast, "Hey Ya!")

There are moments when we are overwhelmed, feeling like we are a rag doll tied to the tail of a cheetah racing across the Serengeti plains.  Note: this is not a sexy moment.

Toilet paper, though weak on sexiness, can give you focus on an organizing project.  Instead of one BIG, HUGE mess with no hope of EVER getting organized, look through a roll of toilet paper to give you focus.

Check out this quick video clip showing you this little trick:

So, grab a roll of toilet paper and look through the hole.
What do you see? Tiny problems.

By reduce your vision of the entire area, you can focus on smaller tasks. As you conquer these smaller tasks, the bigger problem begins to dwindle away. You begin to breathe easier in your home. Everything seems lighter and brighter ... and when you feel better about yourself, you feel sexier!

Boom Baby!

What was your sexy moment today?

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