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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Organizing a Teenage Boy's Bedroom with Closetmaid

Organizing in a teenage boy's bedroom.
Is this even possible?!?
Why yes it is!

Check out how to bring some coolness (is it still "cool" to say "cool" anymore?) to your bedroom by assembling a Closetmaid Cubeicals storage system:

What is scary about your teenager's bedroom?


  1. The preteen/teenager in the bedroom is very scary. ;)

  2. MUCH easier to install freedomRail ( - believe me i've tried both!

  3. Leasa - We msut walk a fine line with teenagers. I certainly am learning quickly how to be a teenager's mom. Ugh! All the eye rollin' and scoffing ... my mom's advice, "Start drinking."

    Annonymous - I have not used the freedomrail system. Glad to hear you love it! On this project, the client wanted a stand-alone system.

    Thank you both for your tantalizing statements. Certainly two very sassy, sexy and fun people.